Discover the warm atmosphere of Hotel Belle Plage, a place where you'll feel right at home, combining the luxury and comfort of a seaside home in Cannes.

A unique Boutique Hotel in Cannes

Hotel Belle Plage stands out as a boutique hotel in Cannes, where comfort meets refinement. With its ideal location near the Croisette and its distinctive architecture, every detail of the hotel has been designed to offer an unforgettable stay experience, approaching the feeling of being at home, yet away from home.

Comfort and luxury by the sea

Hotel Belle Plage's rooms and suites, equipped with modern amenities, offer breathtaking sea views. Each space is designed to reflect an intimate and welcoming ambience, ensuring guests feel at home while enjoying the luxury and exclusivity of a 4-star hotel by the sea.

Spacious apartments for families

For families or groups looking for more space and privacy, Hotel Belle Plage's seafront apartments in Cannes offer the perfect solution. These apartments combine the comfort of a home with all the services of a luxury hotel, making them an ideal option for those who want to feel at home in a hotel.

A family-friendly setting

Hotel Belle Plage is also a family-friendly hotel in Cannes, offering a variety of activities and amenities for visitors of all ages. This includes relaxation areas and services designed for the comfort of families, reinforcing the feeling of being at home even on vacation.

Architecture that speaks

The architecture of the Hotel Belle Plage imagined by talented architect and interior designer Raphael Navot, combines elegance and functionality, creating a setting that is both modern and intimate. Every corner of the hotel tells a story, inviting guests to feel at home in an environment that reflects the beauty and charm of Cannes. Raphael Navot's vision has given life to a space where contemporary design meets comfort, offering visitors an immersive and authentic experience.

The Gastronomic Experience: Just like home

At the Hotel Belle Plage the gastronomic experience is designed to evoke the flavors of home, while offering a touch of refinement. Whether it's a sunny breakfast on the terrace or an elegant dinner in the hotel restaurant, every meal is a celebration of local flavors and Mediterranean cuisine. This authentic yet innovative culinary approach ensures that every guest feels at home at the hotel.

Personalized Service for an Unforgettable Stay

Personalized service at Hotel Belle Plage is what really makes the difference. The dedicated team ensures that every guest receives special attention, creating a friendly, family atmosphere. From personalized recommendations to the little touches in the rooms, the hotel strives to make every stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, truly embodying the idea of a hotel you want to feel at home in.

Hotel Belle Plage, Your Home Away from Home

Ultimately, the Hotel Belle Plage is not just a place to stay; it's a destination where luxury meets familiarity, where every guest is treated like a member of the family. Whether you're here for a short break or an extended stay, Hotel Belle Plage promises an experience where you' ll feel right at home, while enjoying the beauty and charm of Cannes.



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