Discover La Clé Group, a French luxury hotel group revolutionizing the Parisian hotel experience. With its collection of luxury hotels, La Clé Group offers a unique immersion in the charm and elegance of Paris.

La Clé Group: a unique philosophy

La Clé Group stands out in the world of luxury hotel groups for its innovative philosophy and vision. Founded by Samy Marciano, a visionary with a passion for the art of hospitality, the group embodies subtle, modern luxury. Each establishment reflects a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation and attention to detail, offering guests an unforgettable experience.

A trio of exceptional establishments

In the heart of Paris, La Clé Group presents three hotel gems. L'Hôtel Bachaumont located in the lively Montorgueil district, combines Parisian style and modernity. L'Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers near the famous museum, offers a bohemian-chic ambience. Finally, the Belle Plage Hotel in Cannes, perfectly illustrates the glamour of the Riviera with a contemporary twist.

Samy Marciano: a visionary founder

Samy Marciano, founder of La Clé Group, brings his unique expertise in ready-to-wear and real estate to the luxury hotel business. His approach is based on warm hospitality and high-end services, infusing each hotel with its own identity while retaining a common essence of refinement and exclusivity.

A Reinvented Hotel Experience

La Clé Group redefines the hotel experience by focusing on discrete, felt luxury. The Group's hotels offer inspiring spaces, a professional and personalized welcome, and special attention to well-being and respect for the environment. This unique approach provides guests with an authentic and memorable Parisian experience.

Commitment to Excellence and Sustainable Development

Every La Clé Group establishment demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence and sustainability. The use of noble, sustainable materials, attention to detail and emphasis on local craftsmanship demonstrate the Group's respect for its environment and its desire to preserve the cultural and historical authenticity of each location.

Incomparable Gastronomic Experiences

At La Clé Group, gastronomy occupies a special place. Each hotel offers a unique culinary experience, featuring talented chefs and innovative menus. These restaurants are destinations in themselves, attracting local and international gourmets alike.

The French Art de Vivre

La Clé Group celebrates the French art of living. The hotels offer immersion in local culture and lifestyle, with elegantly decorated interiors and bespoke services. This experience enriches guests' stay by letting them experience the real Paris.

An Invitation to Luxury Travel

La Clé Group invites travelers to discover luxury in a new light. Whether in Paris or Cannes, each of the group's hotels promises an enriching experience, blending history, culture and exceptional service. Visit La Clé Group for a memorable getaway to the heart of French luxury.



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